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    As an Early Childhood Educator and children’s yoga teacher, I’m always in the lookout for great books to share with children. Time and time again, I have been disappointed with some books I’ve found that seem to be too simple for the children or where the story doesn’t make a lot of sense. Looking for some new books, I encountered Barefoot Books! I enjoy them so much and use them for my yoga classes. The illustrations are amazing and colourful, the stories are so varied, international, interesting and fun! I love their wide range of ages, themes, presentations and props. I have recently become an Ambassador for Barefoot Books and I am ready to share these books and activities with you. I believe literacy is an integral part of children’s development, as well as mindful movement. Children need to read to exercise their imagination, to learn new things and to expand their vocabulary. Children also need to move, to dance, to sing and be a bit silly to discover  and learn to be the best selves they can be. I believe that Yoga and Barefoot Books are a great combination to improve children’s awareness of themselves and the world that surrounds them. Come check it out!


    Online purchases

    You can also order any book published by Barefoot Books through My Marketplace.  Note that pricing is in US Dollars and handling & shipping may apply and that for shipments to Canada a flat fee of $9.99 will be charged.

    In Person Orders or Purchases

    I can provide you with Barefoot Books and their products in person in the Nanaimo area and near cities. I am also available for book presentations, children’s parties, fundraisers and open houses, please contact me for details. If you wish to HOST a party at your house to share Barefoot Books with your friends, you will receive free products and a lot of help in organizing this gathering :)  


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